At Gizir Wood Products:

• We aim to continuously improve all our processes by effective management of risks and opportunities.

• We employ work strategies that fully meet our customer’s needs, demands and expectations within the framework of a customer-oriented service understanding and we opt to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

• We constantly improve our product and service quality and continue working by adhering to a multi-stage quality management system.

• We closely follow the latest technological developments to regularly improve our machine park and to respond to our customer’s requests faster with this philosophy.

• We provide more added value to our countries economy by increasing the number of countries to which our product is exported.

• We employ conscious, educated and analytical thinking manpower who are open to changes, and we make all the necessary effort to sustain the satisfaction of our employees.

• We work hard on improving our relations with suppliers to provide better quality and economically appropriate raw materials.

• We adopt the principle of always being the leader in the sector in terms of product and service quality.

• We continuously improve OHS-related activities, to comply with the current occupational health and safety legislation, to ensure timely and correct risk analysis, to guarantee that hazards are identified and prevented timely in advance, and to raise awareness by giving continuous training to employees on OHS.

• We aim towards the better and the right by evaluating the environmental activities systematically and regularly. We are taking proactive measures in all activities to prevent environmental pollution, complying with the environmental and legal obligations of the applicable national and international legal conditions.

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